Bank Grant Helps Boyertown Homelessness Efforts

BOYERTOWN PA – A $5,000 matching grant from Ambler Savings Bank has helped the homelessness task force of Boyertown Area Multi-Service (at top) raise more than $14,000 in the agency’s effort to revamp its case management work and offer a rapid response to those in crisis, according to the bank.

Multi-Service teamed with the United Way of Boyertown to prioritize homelessness as a critical need in the community. The task force work includes an 90-day program to ensure housing issues are stabilized, and that barriers that created homelessness issues are addressed, it added.

“We understand that experiencing homelessness, whether (by) an adult or child, is a traumatic experience. We want to ensure that we are there to support those families and individuals and their needs,” Rob Laubenheimer, Multi-Service executive director, said. The agency’s service area covers the Boyertown Area School District.

“So many people have been affected by the pandemic in one way or another, especially with housing,” Ambler Savings’ Ball Branch Manager Bonnie Eckenrode explained. “Helping an organization that meets the needs of so many in our community is something we felt we needed to do.”

The bank operates at locations in Fairview Village, Limerick, and Bally, as well as several continuing care retirement facilities.

Photo of the Multi-Service Center at Spring Street via Google Picasa