Expect Warmth Tuesday, But Bundle Up Thereafter

STATE COLLEGE PA – After a brief opening warm-up (below), a storm pattern moving in from the west will otherwise chill and drench western Montgomery County and the rest of southeastern Pennsylvania this week (at top), according to AccuWeather meteorologists. Despite a brief tease of warmer weather into Tuesday (April 20, 2021), forecasters doubt any warmth will last long.

Expect Warmth Tuesday, But Bundle Up Thereafter

Temperatures gradually rose during last weekend across the Northeast, and warmth is expected to continue building across the region. Residents in the Greater Philadelphia can anticipate Tuesday temperatures to hit the 70s (above). Sorry, but they won’t stick around. AccuWeather teams are monitoring a winter storm likely to bring a much different feel later in the week.

A potent cold front pushing through the Great Lakes late Tuesday will introduce chilly conditions. Major cities along the Interstate 95 corridor in the Northeast are forecast to be too warm for snow that will strike elsewhere in Pennsylvania. Instead, they’re expected to receive rain Wednesday (April 21) during daytime hours and into the night.

Greater Philadelphia, the weather experts claim, could to dive into the 30s Wednesday night. Anyone “tempted by warmer conditions at the start of the month, (who) began planting crops or gardens, will need to take steps to protect their work Wednesday night,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Mary Gilbert suggested.

“Cold air will continue to build over much of the northeastern quarter of the United States on Thursday. Thursday is likely to be the coldest day of the week for places like Philadelphia , Washington DC, and New York City,” Gilbert added.

Weather graphics supplied by AccuWeather