Reading Ave. Accident Monday Results in Citations

DOUGLASS (BERKS) PA – A Monday (April 19, 2021) driver – traveling at around 9:30 p.m. in the 900 block of Reading Avenue (orange marker at top) – hit a utility pole with his vehicle, then struck nearby wooden fencing, and finally ended up colliding with a large tree, Douglass (Berks) police reported on the department’s CrimeWatch website. The driver and two other occupants in the vehicle fled the scene, police claim.

Thanks to a witness, according to the report, all three were later located at the former Greshville Inn. None of the individuals involved were identified by name, age, or municipality, and the report did not specify the cause of, or if any injuries resulted from, the single-vehicle crash.

During their investigation, police determined the driver’s license had been suspended earlier due to driving under the influence, and that the vehicle lacked insurance. The individual was cited for driving with a DUI-related suspended license, operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility, and involvement in an accident with unattended property.

Photo from the Douglass (Berks) Township Police webpage
Map from the department’s CrimeWatch website