Pottsgrove MS Coalition Club Works on Althouse Trails

Working on arboretum trails last weekend were (at top from left) Shauna Kerlin, Haley Harner, Ethan Chambers, Tommy Boyce, Gavin Kerlin, Paige Janusek, advisor Amanda Kelly, two Althouse community volunteers, and Marli Flannery.

UPPER POTTSGROVE PA – The growing trail system within Althouse Arboretum, 1794 Gilbertsville Rd., was the object of extensive repair and enhancement work April 17 (2021; Saturday) by members of the three-year-old Pottsgrove Middle School Student Coalition Club.

The students (at top) and other volunteers spent a portion of their day planting 30 trees, painting fences, and setting the foundation for a new garden.

That’s just the latest service-oriented project in which the three-year-old club, formed and led by sixth-grade teacher Amanda Kelly, has been involved. Its students also participate in activities that include keynote speakers, adult-to-student or peer-to-peer mentorship programs, social and emotional learning, and academic guidance.

Together, members and Kelly say they’ve created a list of seven goals the group hopes to attain: academic gains, connectedness, Pottsgrove Pride, personal growth, goal-setting, social and emotional learning, self-esteem and self-worth, and confidence and discipline. They’re focusing on that list to help build relationships and foster a better learning environment, they added.

Photo supplied by the Pottsgrove School District