Upper Providence Officer Certified as Car Seat Tech

CERTIFIED AS TECHNICIAN – Upper Providence Police Department Ofc. Andrew Parkins recently received his national certification as a child passenger safety technician from Safekids Worldwide, the department announced Thursday (April 29, 2021). It’s a Washington DC-based non-profit organization that trains and tests car seat installation professionals using American Academy of Pediatrics‘ best-practice recommendations for safe travel of children. Nearly 50 percent of all child restraints are misused in ways that could reduce their effectiveness. When used correctly, car seats reduce the risk of injury to children involved in a crash children by up to 82 percent. Parkins is available to schedule appointments to check your child’s car seat. Call the department at 610-933-7899 for scheduling information.

Parkins photo supplied by the Upper Providence Police Department
Child seat photo by Rhonda Jenkins via Pixabay, used under license