422 Ramp Construction at Sanatoga Exit Still Ahead

LIMERICK PA – Work being performed on U.S. Route 422 by another contractor has “bumped back” the scheduled start of construction, by the Limerick Public Works Department, on a new and long-sought ramp from Evergreen Road to westbound U.S. Route 422, Manager Dan Kerr reported Tuesday night (May 4, 2021) during the township Board of Supervisors’ meeting.

The project was initially slated by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to begin April 20 (Tuesday) but was rolled back to April 22, and then again postponed to an unspecified future date, PennDOT Deputy Communications Director Brad Rudolph explained in e-mails. The contractor already at work in the same area “could not accommodate” an earlier departure, Kerr indicated.

The good news, Kerr added, is that the ramp construction is now scheduled to start sometime “right after Memorial Day.” That will provide plenty of time to get the bulk of the work completed in July and August, he said. It means the ramp should be operating “before the holiday season,” so it does not interfere with Black Friday or other shopping at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets and the Sanatoga Springs (Costco) center, Kerr told supervisors.

The project is intended to decrease accidents and relieve peak congestion in traffic involving what is expected to be an expanding number of destination locations on the south side of Evergreen Road. A portion of Evergreen between West Lightcap and Rupert roads has been the site of several motor vehicle accidents and backups as drivers exit shopping areas and attempt to head west on 422.

Kerr also reported the ramp construction is anticipated to incur several change orders from what was initially proposed. The cost of those revisions will be absorbed without problem, he noted, because there’s “plenty of money” in existing funding to cover them.

Map supplied to The Post by PennDOT