Bursich Ends Work with Township; Board Hires New Engineer

The East High Street, Sanatoga, offices (at top) of Bursich Associates

SANATOGA PA – For the first time in decades, when the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners next calls for a report from its township engineer, a representative of Sanatoga-based Bursich Associates will be unavailable to reply.

Bursich has decided it no longer wants to work with the township.

The company last week confirmed it voluntarily terminated its many years of employment by Lower Pottsgrove boards and its Sewer Authority, even though Bursich continues to serve existing municipal clients and actively solicit new ones. Its decision is surprising in light of repeated public praise commissioners have offered Bursich for its services several times over recent years.

Acknowledging the company’s departure, Manager Ed Wagner said the township understood Bursich left as the result of a changed “business philosophy.” However, that phrase does not appear in a prepared statement the company offered to The Post. The statement, in its entirety, announced that:

“After much consideration, Bursich Associates determined that it is not in our company’s and staff’s best interest to continue our relationship with Lower Pottsgrove Township at this time. Bursich voluntarily ended our relationship with the township and authority. We have nothing but the utmost respect for the township, the authority, their boards, committees, and staff. We wish nothing but the best for the township and its residents, and we look forward to continuing to grow our municipal services division.”

Company representatives declined to elaborate further.

McCarthy Engineering Associates Inc. Division Manager Christopher Falencki

Commissioners have hired McCarthy Engineering Associates Inc., a full-service engineering and consulting firm with offices in Boyertown and Wyomissing PA, to serve as its new engineer. Its appointment took effect at the start of this month. McCarthy Division Manager Christopher Falencki (at right) publicly introduced himself to board members during their Monday (May 3) meeting, at which Wagner also told commissioners Falencki was in the process of obtaining work files from Bursich.

Commissioner Michael McGroarty earlier indicated McCarthy was the winning candidate from among 13 requests for proposals solicited and received by the township during February. Interviews with six of the candidates were conducted March 18 and 22, Wagner said, by McGroarty, Commissioner Ray Lopez, and himself. The board during its April 5 meeting voted to select McCarthy, which impressed the committee.

McGroarty publicly thanked Bursich for its years of service, and welcomed McCarthy to the township. Commissioner Robert Mohollen thanked the interview committee for leading “the engineering change.”

The Sewer Authority was scheduled to name McCarthy as its engineer during its April 12 meeting.

Board members, during their April 22 meeting, voted to revise specific amounts on its schedule of fees, deposits, and escrows collected by the township for providing a variety of services. Wagner said changes were limited to differences in fees between those charged by McCarthy and Bursich.

Bursich offices August 2019 photo from Google StreetView
Falencki photo from the McCarthy Engineering Associates’ website