Want to Grow Everything? Learn at Gilbertsville Garden

GILBERTSVILLE PA – A spring garden and planting event that offers training in organic gardening techniques for all ages is scheduled for Monday (May 17, 2021) from 9 a.m. to noon at New Hanover Lutheran Evangelical Church, 2941 Lutheran Rd. The activity is open to the public, as explained in the church’s introductory video (above).

Participants will join other volunteers working in the church’s Garden of Hope, which is intended in part to produce crops for its food ministry. It also provides youth and community-based skills education under the national Trellis for Tomorrow program.

The church is in the process of creating a 3,000-square foot garden, surrounded by 5,000 square feet of permanent deer fencing. Design plans were drawn up by Trellis, which also is helping with its installation. Trellis staff members are also preparing gardening instruction and guidance, will add an irrigation system, provide starter plantings, and share their expertise.

The church said it will be responsible for maintaining the garden: tending crops, ensuring proper irrigation, cultivation, and sanitation of the beds and crops. “This is a many-hands-make-light-work situation,” its website explained, “and we need all the hands we can get.” Participants need not have experience, and some work involves no gardening at all, it noted.

Those who attend are asked to bring a pair of garden gloves. For more information, or to report your interest in joining for the day, send an e-mail to Communication Lead Nikki Young at nikkiannyoung@gmail.com, or call church Senior Pastor Scott Staub at 610-326-1335.

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Top photo by valenciamarkyv69 via Pixabay, used under license
Video from the New Hanover Evangelical Lutheran Church YouTube channel