Kindergartener Organizes Ringing Rocks’ Food Drives

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – A Ringing Rocks Elementary School kindergarten student’s determination to help others in need, and the inspiration she’s offered to teachers and other students, were again on full display Friday (May 14, 2021). That’s when young Noelle Stahl (at top) and those at Ringing saw boxes of food get loaded onto a rental truck and head off for distribution to local families.

Noelle’s kindergarten teacher, Leanne Stolpe, and first-grade teacher Gretchen Radswillas, have been delighted and amazed by the student’s ability to convince schoolmates of the value of helping those less fortunate, and her willingness to lead the charge to collect the food necessary to feed dozens of people.

That positive influence starts at home, Stolpe reports. She says Noelle’s parents, Mark and Jessica Stahl, have encouraged and supported her charitable efforts. They were on hand Friday to see the truck drive away. Noelle also has had help from the Fairies of Boyertown private Facebook group page, Stolpe adds, and credits organizer Leanne Moyer-Germ for providing assistance.

Kindergarten Student Organizes Ringing Rocks Food Drives

The truck bed (above) was covered with cartons, crates, and cases of everything from bottled water to pre-packaged kids’ drinks, from bags of snacks to full meal items, and from breakfast oatmeal to dinner-time pasta and sauces. The abundance was carefully collected by students from across all Ringing classrooms, according to Radswillas, and – like any worthy gifts – most boxes were lovingly labeled by teachers who wanted to ensure their class’ contributions were recognized.

Kindergarten Student Organizes Ringing Rocks Food Drives

It was a true Ringing Rocks team effort, Stolpe and Radswillas noted. And, Stolpe adds, this isn’t the first time Noelle has pulled the school together in a food drive.

During the 2020 winter holidays, Noelle asked her younger sister Claire (at right) and her parents’ help in making and distributing nearly 200 sandwiches and snacks to the homeless. Noelle “began by asking her neighbors to share food items. Then she sorted the donations, washed fruits and vegetables, meticulously bagged snacks, made sandwiches, and packed up meals,” proud teacher Stolpe says.

That transformed over time, Stolpe continues, into a school-wide project to collect a first round of food-packed boxes that were “dusted” by the Fairies of Boyertown onto porches of those known to be in need. All Ringing Rocks classes pitched in, just as they did in recent weeks.

The sandwich-making and food drives prompted by Noelle helped the school “reach the community,” and its students’ enthusiastic response shows they’ve been “really excited” to join the effort, she says.

Photos supplied to The Post by Leanne Stolpe and Gretchen Radswillas