High Street Planners Schedule Two May 27 Meetings

POTTSTOWN PA – Recommendations from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, reflecting its suggestions to make the borough’s High Street corridor (at top) more traffic efficient and more beautiful to its beholders, are expected to be unveiled during each of two virtual meetings scheduled for May 27 (2021; Thursday). Both are free to attend on the Zoom conferencing platform, and open to the public.

Advance registration is requested. The first meeting is planned for 2 p.m.; register for it here. The second, a duplicate of the first during evening hours, is planned for 7 p.m. ; sign-up here.

The commission considers High Street as “the Pottstown area’s primary small business commercial corridor and main street.” The study is intended to identify different forms, or modes, of activity along its length and present “design improvements for High Street between the western boundary of West Pottsgrove Township (Quarry Road), and the eastern boundary of Lower Pottsgrove Township (Rupert Road),” it says.

High Street Planners Schedule Two May 27 Meetings
Above, the Sanatoga (gold), Pottstown Hospital (green), and Hobart’s Run sub-corridors (tan); and below…
High Street Planners Schedule Two May 27 Meetings
… the Downtown (brown) and West Pottsgrove (blue) sub-corridors

For planning purposes, the commission says it sectioned the street into five sub-corridors (above), based on items like land use and roadway characteristics, to more easily prioritize issues and “develop objectives for context-sensitive design recommendations.” Its goal, it adds, is to increase multimodal access, make traffic circulation more efficient, and enhance the visual appeal that are important to the region’s livability and economic vitality.

The commission earlier completed an analysis of Pottstown regional traffic, and summarized its observations in a separate report. It can be ordered as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat document, here.

Corridor maps supplied by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
High Street photo by Dough4872 via WikiMedia Commons, used under a Creative Commons license