Local Thieves Packed Their Bags and Took Off. Literally

SKIPPACK PA – It’s safe to say this wasn’t the long-awaited vacation getaway wanted by a 43-year-old Skippack resident.

He or she is the victim of identity theft. A report Wednesday (May 19, 2021) from the Skippack barracks of the Pennsylvania State Police supplied the victim’s age and home township, but not his or her name. The crime troopers are investigating, perpetrated by individuals still unknown, deprived that victim of what is considered by some travelers as the world’s most valuable commodity.

Frequent flier miles.

The incident occurred March 27 (Saturday), but apparently wasn’t discovered until recently. With whatever allegedly stolen access they had, the bad guys used the victim’s airline mileage credits to book a flight valued at $2,212.50, naturally without his or her authorization or prior knowledge, the report stated.

Just where the culprits went is likely part of the troopers’ investigation, or may be already known; they didn’t say. At a minimum, if captured, the suspects will be charged with theft by deception.

And if divine justice exists, they’ll have lost all their luggage along the way.

Photo by Praveen Gupta via Unsplash, used under license