Update: Man’s Electrocuted Body Recovered in Pottstown

POTTSTOWN PA – An unidentified man, whose body was recovered Thursday (May 20, 2021) from near a power transformer on an industrial property at 201 S. Washington St., apparently was electrocuted, borough police told The Mercury newspaper in a published article.

Mercury Reporter Evan Brandt wrote that the man, whose age was estimated in his 40s, carried no personal identification and may have been homeless, according to a police spokesman. Police continue to investigate the incident, trying to learn who the victim was and the circumstances leading to his death at the site occupied by Steel River Building Systems Inc.

Police said that, to reach the transformer, the man had to have scaled an 8-foot high fence topped with barbed wire.

An earlier story about police and coroner’s office activity at the site was published Thursday by The Post. Read it below.

Coroner’s Vehicles, Responders Arrive at Industrial Site

POTTSTOWN PA – Vehicles from the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office (at top) were seen arriving Thursday (May 20, 2021) during mid-morning at the Steel River Building Systems Inc. plant, 210 S. Washington St. (below). They apparently were available to assist with what seemed to be an investigation of an incident which county emergency dispatchers indicated possibly involved injuries.

Coroner's Vehicles, Responders Arrive at Industrial Site

The coroner’s office usually is called when a human death occurs. No official on the scene provided any details of what, if anything, had happened.

As of 12:18 p.m. Thursday, the county’s active incident dispatch status website showed fire and emergency medical first responders remained on the scene. They initially were called almost four hours earlier, at 8:34 a.m., for what the website stated was a “fire investigation.”

In addition to the coroner’s office presence, several Pottstown Police officers and patrol units, ladder and tower trucks from the Pottstown Fire Department and Ringing Hill Fire Company, respectively, as well as other Pottstown fire vehicles; an ambulance crew, fire police from Ringing Hill, and several PECO Energy trucks all converged at the site (below). First responder activity seemed to center on the exterior of a structure at the plant’s southeast side.

Coroner's Vehicles, Responders Arrive at Industrial Site

Later during the morning, two trucks from a Spring City electrician also pulled into the plant yard.

Steel River Building Systems manufactures a variety of modular structures used for commercial and residential purposes.

Editor’s Note: This is an evolving story, and The Post will update it when additional information is received.

Photos by The Post