Dump Truck Accident Spreads Sand Across 422 West

CLEANING UP AFTER THE TRUCK – A truck overturned on its passenger side and dumped a cargo of sand Friday (May 28, 2021) at about 9:50 a.m. onto the westbound lanes of U.S. Route 422 near the Route 29 interchange, the Black Rock Volunteer Fire Company reported on its Facebook page. Its driver was said to have exited the truck without injury. Crews from Black Rock, Upper Providence Township Fire and Emergency Services, Collegeville Fire Company and fire police, and the Limerick Fire Department were on the scene for about three hours, in part while awaiting PennDOT workers who were requested to haul the sand away, the page noted. Pennsylvania State Police are investigating the accident. Members of the Royersford Fire Department also initially responded, Black Rock added, but they were then called into service at another 422 accident that occurred only two miles beyond the first.

Photo from the Black Rock Volunteer Fire Company Facebook page