Police Ask Help to Identify ‘Suspicious Males’

DOUGLASS (BERKS) PA – They seemed to be looking for something, the four of them, riding in a gray Toyota Tundra truck with New Jersey license plates. Officers of the Douglass (Berks) Township Police Department apparently doubted they were trying to be neighborly.

Police were dispatched Thursday (May 27, 2021), shortly after 3 p.m., to the 200 block of Pine Forge Road. That’s where a caller reported a group of four “suspicious males” had pulled up in the truck, the department said on its CrimeWatch website. The unidentified men parked in a driveway on the block, it added, and the truck’s driver began honking its horn.

Got any “cars for sale?,” he reportedly yelled to the caller. Meanwhile, another man was out of the truck and “already on the property looking around,” the website stated.

But they seemed to know, the four of them, that a patrol unit was on its way. And they appear to have left before police arrived.

Now the department wants to know who they were and what, if anything besides cars, they might have wanted. “If anyone else (was) contacted by the males or saw them in the area,” police asked, call the department at 610-367-9474, or anonymously submit information using the website’s “Submit A Tip” page, here.

Photo from the Douglass (Berks) Township Police webpage