Bursich Named Consortium’s Salt Supply Manager

SANATOGA PA – Spring may have just arrived but, with the help of a Sanatoga engineering firm, a group of Montgomery County municipalities is already preparing for winter.

The county Consortium of Communities has selected civil engineering and surveying company Bursich Associates Inc., headquartered at 2129 E. High St., to coordinate and manage the group’s salt bid agreement, according to a Wednesday (June 2, 2021) announcement.

In its newest role Bursich will coordinate and manage consortium members’ collective salt supply and delivery needs under a single contract. Bursich will draft technical bid documents, advertise material contracts, administer the bidding process, and ultimately recommend which supplier should be awarded the agreement.

It also will oversee and manage the agreement by working with individual municipalities and contractors to coordinate supply demands.

Engaging an engineering firm to oversee contract management allows the consortium and individuals municipalities to focus their attention on other issues. Bursich said it “looks forward” to leveraging its expertise in this way, and also hopes to participate in other consortium activities that enable membership support.

The consortium represents a majority of the county’s 62 municipalities, and was founded “to find mutually beneficial solutions to common problems that face the county’s townships and boroughs.” By combining resources, it aims to meet regional challenges and identify opportunities that might otherwise exceed individual members’ capabilities. Bursich is a full-service civil engineering firm that has assisted both public and private clients since 1972.

Photo via Pixabay, used under license