Pottsgrove Orchestra Offers Touching Memorial Tribute

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – The late Todd Van Horn, beloved dean of students and coach at Pottsgrove High School who died unexpectedly Oct. 18 (2020), is fondly remembered by the director and musicians of the Pottsgrove High School Orchestra in this year’s annual spring concert. It was uploaded Monday (May 31, 2021) to YouTube (above) as a virtual performance video.

Orchestra Director William Einhorn explained the opening selection, “That Which Remains: A Hymn for Notre Dame,” was composed by Stephen Melillo as a tribute to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, the spire and other portions of which were consumed by fire in 2019. In its introduction, Einhorn said the orchestra’s performance of Melillo’s roughly 5-minute work is dedicated “in memory of our friend and colleague” Van Horn, and his family.

Van Horn “was a friend to everybody,” Einhorn added. “He was fair. He always made time for students, as well as the faculty and staff, at Pottsgrove High School. And he has been dearly missed by many of us this year.” The piece ends with a photo of the smiling dean.

The orchestra’s second selection is a four-movement work by composer Todd Parish, titled “Ancient Wonders Suite.” It represents a trip across the world to visit man-made wonders in Turkey, Egypt, and Greece.

Photo from a screenshot from the orchestra video