MCCC, Western Governors Form Degree Partnership

POTTSTOWN PA – Western Governors University, a private, non-profit, and accredited institution based in Salt Lake City UT that offers more than 60 undergraduate and graduate programs, has partnered with Montgomery County Community College to allow MCCC students, alumni, and employees to earn a bachelor’s or other degree, the schools jointly announced Wednesday (June 16, 2021).

As part of the agreement, the university will apply associate level credits toward its bachelor’s degree. Additionally, MCCC participants will be able to apply for specially designated university Community College Partner Scholarships.

Western Governors provides degrees in high-demand fields: business management and leadership, information technology, K-12 education, cybersecurity, human resource management, data management and data analytics, and nursing and healthcare management.

Asynchronous online courses allow students to log in and study whenever their schedules permit. Tuition is around $3,250 per six-month term for most undergraduate degree programs. Students can take as many courses each term as desired, under guidance from their mentors.

“We are very pleased to partner with Western Governors University to offer online pathways for our graduates and employees to seamlessly continue their education,” MCCC President Dr. Victoria L. Bastecki-Perez said. “The flexible format will support their success in accomplishing their academic and career goals, and will meet the needs of all students balancing the complexity of personal and professional lives.”

Photo by Linkedin Sales Solutions via Unsplash, used under license

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