Pottsgrove E-mail Address Part of Phishing Venture

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – If you’re a Pottsgrove School District resident or parent, and you received an e-mail Tuesday (July 6, 2021) from someone purporting to be from the Souderton, Warren County, or PennCrest school districts, you’d probably consider any one of them suspicious and unworthy of your time. You’d probably be right.

But if you received an e-mail from the Pottsgrove School District itself … or maybe even from Lower Pottsgrove-based Coventry Christian Schools … well, then it’s possible you’d pay more attention. You might look twice. You might even open it.

Don’t. At least, not yet.

The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit in Norristown, which works with Montgomery County school districts in cooperative programs, reported Tuesday that it; four districts: Pottsgrove and Souderton, Warren County (in Warren PA, southeast of Erie), and PennCrest (in Crawford County PA, south of Erie); and one private school, Coventry Christian, all are subjects of what the unit believes is a “coordinated” e-mail phishing campaign.

Phishing e-mails generally are sent by wrongful users, and are intended to obtain information from parties to which they’re delivered.

The unit notified Pottsgrove on Tuesday afternoon that one or more of its e-mail addresses were involved, the district reported. No specific e-mail address was mentioned. The other named districts and Coventry Christian also have been informed. Information technology experts caught the problem and “are working on it,” the unit noted. Until the problem is solved, it warned, “there could very well be more.”

For anyone who Tuesday (and maybe on later days too) receives an e-mail they don’t trust, one Pottsgrove representative offered a simple solution. Delete it.

The logic: if the e-mail is important enough, and it’s on the level, there’s a high likelihood it will get re-sent once the affected organizations can either find the phishers or, at least, halt their phony e-mails.

Graphic by Mo Hassan via PxHere, modified by The Post and used under license