What Does PA Owe You? Find Your Unclaimed Property

The state Treasury maintains a secure vault (at top) for unclaimed valuables like coins and jewelry

HARRISBURG PA – Buried treasure worth roughly $4 billion lies waiting to be discovered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrity suggested Friday (July 2, 2021), and those positioned to stake a claim for a portion of it will receive an average of about $2,000, she said.

Officially, Garrity’s primary job as the Commonwealth’s elected guardian of its finances is to oversee and protect $115 billion in state assets, according to the Pennsylvania Treasury Department website. Her agency also manages college, career, and disability-related savings programs. And it administers the state’s unclaimed property program; that’s where the billions lie.

They’re socked away in property that includes uncashed checks, abandoned bank accounts, stocks or safe deposit boxes that are turned over to Treasury after three years of dormancy or inactivity, and payroll checks uncashed after two years.

One in 10 state residents are owed a part of that loot, Garrity indicated, so the betting is good that thousands living in Montgomery County stand to benefit … if they’d only look. Finding out if anything is available for you and yours is pretty simply, too, she added.

Treasury recently completed its first major upgrade to the unclaimed property system in more than 15 years, “making it easier than ever for Pennsylvanians to claim what is theirs,” the treasurer said. All it takes to start a search is basic information and a couple of clicks using Treasury’s unclaimed property webpage, here.

Got questions about the process? Call Treasury toll-free at 800-222-2046, or send an e-mail to the unclaimed property staff at tupmail@patreasury.gov.

Photo supplied by the Pennsylvania Treasury Department