Local Musicians Named to Honors Performances

READING PA – Thirty-four talented student musicians, representing six area school districts, were specially selected to participate in 2021 All-Star Honor String Orchestra or 2021 All-Star Honor Band virtual performances, recently released to video. The annual programs are sponsored by Reading-based musical instrument supplier and education company, Zeswitz Music.

Watch the 21-minute video of both performances, above, or see it at the Zeswitz Music YouTube channel, here.

Across both presentations, chosen for their abilities were four students from the Pottsgrove School District, directed by instructors William Einhorn and Ben Hayes; five from Pottstown, directed by Nancy Mest and Katie German; four from Owen J. Roberts, directed by Sybil Vernon; five from Spring-Ford Area, directed by Ashley Baisch and Kris Jennings; 14 from Perkiomen Valley, directed by Nadine Hoffman, Dawn Krown, and Paul DiRenzo; and two from Daniel Boone, directed by Lori Snavely.

In the honor string orchestra

More than 60 string orchestra performers were involved in “Ablaze!” by composer and guest conductor Chris Bernotas, according to the program. They were from:

Pottsgrove: Evania Hately, Grade 8, Violin 1;
Spring Ford: Chloe Chen, Grade 7, Violin 1; Sophia Brady, Grade 7, Viola; and Mahitha Nakkella, Grade 8, Cello;
Owen J. Roberts: Jadon Cain, Grade 5, Violin 2; Ryan Locklear, Grade 6, Viola; Sybil Wagner, Grade 6, Cello; and Buckley Nola, Grade 6, Bass; and
Perkiomen Valley: Benjamin Pitkoff, Grade 8, Violin 1; Helena Finney, Grade 6, Viola; Isabella Moyer, Grade 6, Viola; Peyton Spychalsky, Grade 6, Viola; Charlee Naples, Grade 7, Cello; Michaela DeMaula, Grade 8, Bass; and Declan Spreitzer, Grade 8, Bass.

In the honor band

More than 90 string orchestra performers were involved in “Escape from Thunder Mountain!” by composer and guest conductor Scott Watson. They were from:

Pottsgrove: Joseph Killen, Grade 8, Clarinet 1; Faith Derstine, Grade 8, Tenor Sax; and Tyler Trexler, Grade 8, French Horn;
Pottstown: Brianna Bui, Grade 6, Flute; Garrett Shope, Grade 7, Bb Clarinet; Taylor Maguire, Grade 8, Trumpet 2; Aiden Kancianic, Grade 8, Baritone; and Colin Plank, Grade 7, Snare Drum;
Spring-Ford: Sarah Rutkowski, Grade 8, Bassoon; and Thomas Brown, Grade 8; Tuba;
Perkiomen Valley: Sophia Vesci, Grade 8, Flute; Mina Isaac, Grade 8, Tenor Sax; Laura Schroyer, Grade 8, Trumpet 1; Owen Hamilton, Grade 7, French Horn; Matthew Hirsh, Grade 8, Trombone; Joseph Ferenchick, Grade 6, Baritone; and Lucy DeAngeles, Grade 6, Tube; and
Daniel Boone: Sarah Shank, Grade 5, Bb Clarinet 2; and Joshua Chan, Grade 5, Alto Sax 2.

Both performances were held June 30 (Wednesday) at 7 p.m.

Photo by CoolDanek via Pixabay, used under license