Creek Bridge Work Puts ‘Steel Fist’ to Good Use

POTTSTOWN PA – Thursday (July 22, 2021) seemed like just another day in the routine work of replacing the bridge over Manatawny Creek on West King Street, at its intersection with Manatawny Street in the borough. Hard-hat-wearing men studied and talked about sheets of plans. Dump trucks moved in empty, and moved out filled. An excavator operator handled the filling.

Construction crews at the site are involved in preparing both sides of the creek bed to receive the bridge foundation and structural elements. Part of the task requires removing dirt, rocks, and other debris. Truck drivers periodically traded places during the day to receive and haul away what the excavator dredged up.

Its operator had a few minutes’ wait between trucks, so he climbed into the equipment cab and went back to work – as seen in the video below – manipulating the machinery somewhat like a giant steel fist ahead of the next load.

The bridge work began in October 2020, and is due to be completed in April 2022.

Photo and video by The Post