The Basket Silently Screamed in Lower Frederick

LOWER FREDERICK PA – File this under “Things You Generally Find Only in Small Towns,” but wished you saw everywhere.

There was a good-looking but well-used basket (at top), sitting on a table Tuesday (July 28, 2021) night just inside the meeting room of the Lower Frederick Township municipal building on Spring Mount Road. It was filled with an assortment of vegetables, mostly zucchini and cucumbers, and obviously freshly picked from the garden of someone whose thumb is assuredly dark green.

To the left of the basket was a stack of agendas, available for the public, covering topics to be discussed during the Board of Supervisors’ coming work session. To the right of the basket was another stack. This one consisted of coronavirus-protective face masks, also available for audience members who may have preferred to use one but forgot to bring their own.

There was no note at the table to accompany the basket. No private message from the gardener. Not even a hand-written headline that said, simply, “Help Yourself.” But, of course, that’s what the basket was silently screaming. “You hungry?,” it asked in an urgent whisper only the subconscious could hear. “It’s free. Take some home. Feed the family,” it demanded. “Don’t let them go to waste.”

By night’s end only one of the veggies was gone, assumedly taken just as silently while the beneficiary hoped no one was looking.

Here’s betting the basket gets refilled later this week.

You hungry?

Photo by The Post