Sanatoga Greene Worker Reported Injured Thursday

Construction crews (at top) began creating entrances to the Sanatoga Green development during November 2020

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – For a second time within the past four months, a man was injured Thursday (Aug. 5, 2021) in what is being labeled as a “construction accident” involving the Sanatoga Greene residential-and-commercial real estate development on the west side of Evergreen Road in Lower Pottsgrove, television station WFMZ reported.

The station offered the date but not a time for the incident, although its video report showed emergency responders arriving during daylight hours.

The victim, who was not identified by name, age, or municipality of residence, “suffered a severe leg injury after he was crushed by roller equipment,” WFMZ stated. A Goodwill Ambulance crew was seen responding to the call. There was no indication where the man was taken for treatment. In similar past incidents, patients have been transferred to certified trauma centers in Allentown or Reading.

No update on the victim’s medical condition was available as of Friday (Aug. 6) at 5:45 a.m. No information on the accident itself was immediately available from the township police department, whose patrol officers also responded.

Read the WFMZ-TV article and watch its accompanying video, here.

During April (2021), a worker who was part of a crew installing pipe for the development in a trench on Evergreen Road had his legs buried and immobilized in waist-high soil and debris. The trench wall had collapsed, but first responders rescued him during a tense hour of effort. His employers later reported he was successfully recovering.

Sanatoga Greene Worker Reported Injured Thursday
Several apartment buildings, similar to this rendering presented during May 2021 to Lower Pottsgrove commissioners, will be part of the Sanatoga Greene complex

Sanatoga Greene developers have spent months grading and preparing dozens of hilly acres off Evergreen Road to receive a variety of apartment buildings (above), single-family homes, and commercial office structures. The work was preceded by several years of design and engineering plans, and completing Lower Pottsgrove’s subdivision and land development regulatory reviews.

Photos by The Post from its archives