Sanatoga Trailer Accident Downs East High Wiring

Sanatoga Trailer Accident Downs East High Wiring
Lower Pottsgrove Code Enforcement Officer Joe Groff makes his way around caution cones and past the downed cable, draped on a mailbox

SANATOGA PA – A tractor-trailer driver who turned northbound onto Sunnyside Avenue from East High Street snagged a reportedly low-hanging overhead cable and brought it to the ground Wednesday (Aug. 11, 2021) at about 12:02 p.m., Montgomery County emergency dispatchers said.

No injuries were reported, and the tractor-trailer (at top) appeared to have endured minimal, if any, damage. Lower Pottsgrove police were in the process of conducting an investigation of the incident, and were not immediately available to provide details.

The downed cable stretched from near the entrance to Basilico Pizzeria Trattoria restaurant to just west of the Pondworks offices and yard, all on the north side of East High. It was said to carry voice and data traffic, but it was not known if any service in the area was disrupted. First responders treated the cable cautiously until it was determined to be safe.

Because the cable draped across several properties, including the nearby U.S. Gas fuel and convenience store, fire police from the Sanatoga and Ringing Hill companies set up caution cones across driveway entrances to ensure traffic passing in either direction could not enter. East High traffic was not detoured, but drivers purposely slowed as they passed the scene.

Sunnyside Avenue was closed for a period at its intersection with Byron Way.

At one point the driver of a passing car rolled down his window and began arguing with a member of the fire police about accessing a blocked driveway. The driver abruptly ended the discussion, and slowly moved on, as he saw a township police officer some distance away begin walking toward the car.

A Verizon crew arrived at the site about 20 minutes after the dispatchers’ initial call for assistance. The fire companies sent several trucks at dispatchers’ urging, and for a time two township police vehicles also were at the scene.

Sanatoga Trailer Accident Downs East High Wiring
More cable and other equipment rained down from above the front yard at Pondworks, 2169 E. High St.
Sanatoga Trailer Accident Downs East High Wiring
Before he could move his truck and remove the cable that fell between the cab and its trailer, its sunglasses-wearing driver spent time to unhook wiring of his own

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