Moove In Storage Seeks Zoning Board Extension

SANATOGA PA – Moove In Partners Pottstown LLC – the company that bought the former auto dealership property at 2148 E. High St. during 2018, renovated it for rental storage units during 2020, and then held its grand opening – hopes to obtain a one-year extension from the Lower Pottsgrove Zoning Hearing Board on plans for further development at the site.

When Moove In representatives first introduced extensive proposals for the property, they displayed drawings that showed “village-like” facades for extra rental storage units fronting East High Street, and the addition of buildings on other parts of the parcel. Those plans have since changed over time as a result of meetings with township staff, its Planning Commission, and zoning board members.

In March 2019 the board granted Moove In a special exception that allowed it to extend the timeline, until May 19 (2021), for taking action. That deadline has come and gone, and Moove In is again requesting a similar one-year extension to erect five other self-storage structures, and rely on the existing building for office and self-storage space.

Moove In delays in implementing plans have previously raised the ire of the leader of the township’s governing body, its Board of Commissioners. President Bruce Foltz, during the commissioners’ April 22 meeting, told his colleagues the company has “not completed everything that they said that they were going to do when they started the project,” according to the board’s approved minutes.

The year-long extension is one of several related topics currently on the board agenda for its Aug. 17 (Tuesday) meeting at 6 p.m. in the township municipal building, 2199 Buchert Rd., according to a legal advertisement published Aug. 5 (Thursday) on its behalf.

The company also is asking for additional zoning board variances so it can potentially construct straight buildings longer than 125 feet, allow modified conditions for those buildings, allow impervious surfaces to cover up to 31 percent of the property, and reduce the needed number of parking spaces.

This event appears on The Posts’ calendar. The most recent legal advertisement to announce the zoning hearing appears below:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with the Lower Pottsgrove Township Zoning Ordinance of 1973, as amended, of a hearing before the Lower Pottsgrove Township Zoning Hearing Board on August 17, 2021, beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Lower Pottsgrove Township Building, 2199 Buchert Road, Sanatoga, Pennsylvania, on the following Application: Application No. 2021-08 of Moove In Partners – Pottstown, LLC owner of 2148 East High Street which is in the Shopping Center and Sanatoga Village Overlay Zoning Districts. The Application seeks the following relief from the Township Zoning Ordinance: The Applicant is requesting a variance to Section 250-231 to extend for one (1) year, the special exception granted to the Applicant by decision of the Zoning Hearing Board (“Board”) dated 3/29/2019, and extended for one year by decision of the Board dated 5/19/2020. The relief previously granted by the Board was a special exception pursuant to Sections 250-87N(1)(2) and 250-87 to erect five (5) buildings to be used as self-storage facilities and to utilize the existing building for office and self-storage facilities. Applicant requests the following additional relief: Variance to Section 250-131(B) and/or 250-131(C)2 restricting buildings to 125 feet in length; Variances to Section 250-131 (C)5 since the proposed buildings will be straight; Special exception to Section 250-131(C) allowing buildings to exceed 125 feet which meet the stated conditions; Variance to Section 250-139B to allow impervious surface up to 31%; Variance to Section 250-202.5R since only 8 parking spaces will be provided. Anyone interested in reviewing the application may do so at the Lower Pottsgrove Township Building between 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. At the time of the hearing, any person or parties interested will be given an opportunity to be heard. The Board reserves the right to conduct any other business that may come before it. If any person desiring to attend the hearing requires special accommodations, please contact Edward C. Wagner, Township Manager, at 610-323-0436.
By: Keith Diener, Chairman R. Kurtz Holloway, Substitute Solicitor MERC July 28, Aug 5 a-2

Photo by The Post