H&K Issues Annual Notice on Sanatoga Quarry Blasting

SANATOGA PA – An annual blasting notice required by state law has been issued for the Sanatoga Quarry operations, formerly known as “Pottstown Trap Rock – Sanatoga Quarry,” owned by contractor and construction materials supplier H&K Group Inc. It’s intended to advise local residents of conditions and procedures involving explosive blasting at the 394 S. Sanatoga Rd. site.

The notice specifies that:

  • Blasting activity will comply with state and federal laws, and will be conducted Mondays through Fridays any time from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. as weather permits.
  • The time schedule occasionally may be affected by adverse weather conditions, mechanical or electrical failures, or conditions that pose hazards to company personnel, other individuals, or equipment.
  • If blasting occurs within 800 feet of Linfield, Sanatoga, South Pleasant View, or Sanatoga Station roads, the company will take “precautionary measures … to safeguard the public” by stopping traffic on those highways before and during a blast.
  • Blast warning signs will be placed at every entrance of the operation.

Access roads will be blocked 10 minutes before each detonation, it added.

The quarry uses two different sets of audible signals to warn anyone nearby of an impending blast, and to declare the end of blasting. For an impending blast, it will sound a horn or other device three consecutive times for 5 seconds each at least one minute before a detonation. For the all-clear notice after a blast, it will sound a horn one time for 10 seconds after detonations cease.

H&K Group is headquartered in Skippack, and the quarry has been part of its operations since 1995, its website states. Its information about blasting procedures was published in a July 2 (2021) legal advertisement.

Graphic from Google Maps