Ciresi Seeks Local School Representation on Charters

HARRISBURG PA – State Rep. Joe Ciresi, who serves part of western Montgomery County in the House, introduced a bill Thursday (Aug. 19, 2021) that would require an elected school board official to sit on a charter school’s board of trustees. His goal, Ciresi said, is to provide “oversight on how money is being spent in publicly funded charter schools.”

“Local school boards disburse our tax dollars to charter schools, and are responsible to their taxpayers for how money they collect is spent,” he noted. But “they often have little to no knowledge of what is happening inside the charter schools they’re funding, and whether the money is being spent properly,” Ciresi added.

His proposed legislation, H.B. 1803, “would ensure accountability and oversight by requiring every charter school board of trustees to have a member appointed by the charter school’s local elected authorizing school board,” Ciresi said.

School boards currently have oversight and representation in other parts of Pennsylvania’s public education system. They include intermediate units, and career and technology centers, Ciresi explained.

“The basis of good government – responsibility, efficiency and accountability – requires that we have an elected representative who represents the public interest, and who can be called to account for how taxpayer money is being spent,” according to Ciresi. His bill “would ensure that happens,” he claimed.

Ciresi photo from his legislative office; state Capitol photo from WikiMedia