Pottsgrove Honors Its Longest-Serving Employees

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Pottsgrove School District administrators, teachers, and staff members paid tribute Tuesday (Aug. 24, 2021) to colleagues with 35, 30, 20, and 10 accumulated years of service in the district’s employ.

All received certificates of achievement and thanks, and gifts of appreciation, presented by Superintendent Dr. David Finnerty. They also won applause from an enthusiastic audience of their peers (at top) during Pottsgrove’s 2021-2022 staff opening day ceremonies at the high school stadium on School Lane.

What those employees have given to the district in return, Pottsgrove Director of Co-Curricular Programs and Community Relations Gary DeRenzo said, is generous time and sincere caring for generations of students who contribute to and lead in their communities and career fields.

35 years of service

Christine Reisner, 35 years of service

Although she was dramatically last to be recognized, West Pottsgrove Elementary School teacher Christine Reisner ranked first among this year’s honorees, with 35 years of service. DeRenzo publicly joked that the awards committee brainstormed over something suitable as a gift, because in her tenure Reisner had already received most other tokens of the district’s gratitude. The committee “did some research” at West, and decided its best choice would be a set of engraved wine glasses.

30 years of service

Melissa DeStefano and Thomas Bailey, 30 years of service

The district’s two 30-year service awards were presented to High School teacher Melissa DeStefano and Middle School teacher Tom Bailey. When her name was called, DeStefano practically leapt from her seat in the stadium and jogged down its stairs to the field. Bailey surprised the crowd – and certainly swept DeRenzo off his feet – by embracing him in a bear hug and lifting him from the stage (below).

20 years of service

Receiving 20-year service awards (above and below) were West Pottsgrove teacher Julie Farris, High School teacher Melissa Holloway, Lower Pottsgrove teacher Veronica Lightcap, Middle School teacher Amy Holden, and Middle School teacher Stacy McHugh.

10 years of service

Receiving 10-year service awards (above and below) were Middle School teacher Julia Stoudt, West Pottsgrove student assistant Polly Goldcamp, High School student assistant Karen Nixon-Brinkley, Middle School teacher Erinn Logan, High School guidance employee Lisa Childs, Ringing Rocks nurse Deanna Santangelo, Ringing Rocks instructional assistant Robin Forster, and maintenance employee Gary Vandeweghe.

Photos by The Posts and the Pottsgrove School District