Schools Open Everywhere Locally; Drive Cautiously

POTTSTOWN PA – Monday (Aug. 30, 2021) is the first day back to school for students in the 2021-2022 academic year at the Pottsgrove, Spring-Ford Area, Perkiomen Valley, and Upper Perkiomen school districts, and a return to school day in Pottstown and Boyertown schools, both of which opened Aug. 23.

That said, drivers now must be extra careful in school zones and during bus morning and afternoon travel hours.

Local police departments serving all six districts have pledged their best efforts to ensure students’ safety. Several department chiefs told The Posts some of their officers will be seen prominently in school zones throughout the day. Others won’t, and citations await for drivers who fail to obey state and local laws.

According to research by the National Safety Council, most children who lose their lives in bus-related incidents are age 4-7 years old, and they’re walking. They are hit by the bus, or by a motorist illegally passing a stopped bus. Precautions go a long way toward keeping children safe:

  • Don’t block the crosswalk when stopped at a red light or waiting to make a turn, forcing pedestrians to go around you. This could put them in the path of moving traffic;
  • In a school zone when flashers are blinking, stop and yield to pedestrians crossing the crosswalk or intersection;
  • Always stop for a school patrol officer or crossing guard holding up a stop sign;
  • Take extra care to look out for children in school zones, near playgrounds and parks, and in all residential areas;
  • Don’t honk or rev your engine to scare a pedestrian, even if you have the right of way;
  • Never pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians; and
  • Always use extreme caution to avoid striking pedestrians wherever they may be, no matter who has the right of way.

Photo via Pixabay, used under license