Storm Aftermath: Aqua Phoenixville Plants Damaged

PHOENIXVILLE PA – Aqua Pennsylvania asked customers in Montgomery and Chester counties Thursday (Sept. 2) “to discontinue nonessential water use until further notice” while it “works to restore normal operations at two major water treatment plants” damaged by Tropical Storm Ida flooding. The request applies across its southeastern Pennsylvania service area.

Aqua said it had to shut down its Pickering East and West water treatment plants in Phoenixville due to heavy rainfall, flooding and loss of power. It successfully returned a portion of the Pickering East plant online, but as flood waters have subsided its professionals determined the extent of damage was “greater than previously thought.”

“It will take some time for full recovery to take place and we ask customers to take all possible measures to curtail water use until further notice. Those who have automatic lawn sprinklers are advised to turn them off,” it said.

Aqua added it’s making adjustments in other parts of its water system to increase supply to the Pickering service area.

Photo by Rudy and Peter Skitterians via Pixabay, used under license