FEMA Support Due Tuesday for Damage Assessments

PHILADELPHIA PA – In-person preliminary assessments of damages caused by Tropical Storm Ida in Montgomery and Chester counties, supported by representatives of the Philadelphia regional office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, are expected to start Tuesday (Sept. 7, 2021), the government reported.

Local, state, and federal agencies will cooperate to look at individual parcels and understand the destruction Ida created at residential, commercial, and public properties, the agency said.

Once the information is gathered, the state uses it to determine whether to make an official request for financial or other help, but “does not guarantee federal assistance,” FEMA added. In the best case for private property owners FEMA could determine they qualify for “individual assistance,” or grant money for natural disaster victims to help pay for uninsured and under-insured losses.

The reviews represent the first step in helping Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf “determine whether the scope of the damages is beyond what the state is capable of handling, and if added federal assistance is needed,” FEMA said.

Wolf himself requested the assessments, FEMA noted. The inspectors’ efforts are only “an information-gathering process,” it said, and the state also may request “additional assessments … as damage information is received from local officials.”

FEMA’s Region 3 office in Philadelphia is charged with “helping people before, during, and after disasters” in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Photo by Patsy Lynch for FEMA, via GetArchive.com, used under agreement