Anterless Deer License Counter Sales Begin Monday

HARRISBURG PA – Hunters interested in harvesting an antlerless deer in western Montgomery County may be able to buy an over-the-counter 2020-2021 license for the task beginning Monday (Sept. 13, 2021), the Pennsylvania Game Commission reports, even though they are sold out in many state wildlife management units elsewhere.

In management unit 5C, which covers the county’s western half, the state said Wednesday (Sept. 8) that 21,712 licenses remain of 70,000 allotted in mid-June. In unit 5D, which covens the county’s eastern half, 12,637 licenses remained of 29,000 allotted. Licenses are sold out in 12 of the 23 management units across the state. See Pennsylvania’s remaining quotas page, here.

Over-the-counter antlerless license sales are handled only by county treasurers. Hunters considering purchasing antlerless deer licenses in-person during the over-the-counter sales round are urged to check ahead of time to determine days and hours the treasurer’s office is open to the public for the purpose.

Although this round of antlerless license application solicitations continues to be labeled as “over-the-counter sales,” they are accepted by mail, as well.

Those mailing-in applications must follow a procedure similar to earlier mail-in rounds. License applications may be sent in an official pink envelope to any participating county treasurer, a list of which is found in the 2021-22 Pennsylvania Hunting & Trapping Digest.

Hunters also can make multiple applications during this round, and may mail up to three applications in the same envelope, the commission explained. Each hunter now may hold up to six active antlerless licenses at a time.

Photo supplied by the state of Pennsylvania