Update: Pottsgrove High Dismissed for Electrical Issues

PECO Energy workers talk Wednesday morning at Pottsgrove High School (at top), with a problematic electrical transformer cabinet in the background

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Pottsgrove High School students were scheduled to be dismissed Wednesday (Sept. 8, 2021) at mid-morning because problems with an electrical transformer could not be immediately repaired. Power to the school was turned off, and it operated on back-up generators as it prepared to release those at the Kauffman Road campus to go home, Lower Pottsgrove Township Fire Marshal Lew Babel said.

Update: Pottsgrove High Dismissed for Electrical Issues
Equipment and workers gathered Wednesday morning at the south side of Pottsgrove High

School buses began lining up at the high school shortly after 10 a.m. for student boarding. The high school only was scheduled to be dismissed at 10:30 a.m., according to a Pottsgrove School District notice e-mailed to parents. All other district schools were said to be operating normally and remained open.

However, afternoon classes for Pottsgrove High students attending the Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center in Limerick were canceled, district Community Relations Director Gary DeRenzo said. All high school-related after school activities, including games and practices, were cancelled for the day.

Parent pick-ups were planned at Ringing Rocks Elementary beginning at 10:30 a.m. Parent drivers were asked to enter from the north end of Kauffman Road at Charlotte Street. No traffic was being permitted on the high school campus. Student drivers were to be dismissed from the school’s south lot, and leave via the south entrance onto Kauffman Road.

Babel said PECO Energy workers had inspected a transformer cabinet at the northeast corner of Falcon Field near a school parking lot, and found two burned wires inside. Repairs must be made by an outside contractor, he added.

Update: Pottsgrove High Dismissed for Electrical Issues

To enable an orderly dismissal, fire police from the Ringing Hill, Sanatoga, Upper Pottsgrove, Gilbertsville, and Limerick fire stations (above) were called in to direct traffic at entrances outside the school on Kauffman Road and School Lane. Fire engines, although they were not used, had earlier been called in as a precaution.

Read an earlier story, published Wednesday at 9:25 a.m. by The Post, below:

Electric Transformer Problems Bring Firefighters

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Montgomery County emergency dispatchers have sent volunteers and equipment from the Ringing Hill and Sanatoga fire companies Wednesday (Sept. 8, 2021) to Pottsgrove High School, 1345 Kauffman Rd., for what they characterized as an “electrical fire outside” at the rear of the building on School Lane.

Their first dispatch was issued at 8:15 a.m. As of 9:18 a.m., dispatchers also called in a fire police unit, reported the transformer could be seen “smoking,” and said PECO Energy crews were on their way to assist. Fire police were reported at 9:24 a.m. to be “staging” near the football field. A district spokesman said power to the high school had been “turned off” so the transformer could be checked.

A Pottsgrove School District notice to parents, issued only minutes after firefighters initially were called, acknowledged the transformer experienced “some irregularities with some electrical issues.” The arrival of emergency management personnel and first responders was “a precautionary measure,” the notice added.

“There is no danger to our students and staff,” it added.

Although the incident did not occur at Ringing Rocks Elementary School, just north up the hill on Kauffman and within sight of the high school, the notice also was transmitted to parents of its students.

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