Aqua PA Continues Phoenixville Plant Recovery Effort

PHOENIXVILLE PA – Aqua Pennsylvania employees continue to work on repairs to its Pickering water treatment plant in Phoenixville, the company said Friday (Sept. 10, 2021) afternoon on its Facebook page, and requested water users to keep up conservation efforts as its looks to recovery from flood damage created by Tropical Storm Ida.

Equipment damaged by what it called “historical flood levels from the Schuylkill River” included the company’s “1-million-gallon clear-well tank,” which stored treated drinking water “before being pumped from the plant to customers’ homes and businesses,” it said. Also damaged, it reported in an earlier Facebook notice, was the plant’s “control room, which was almost completely under water.”

With restoration efforts under way, Aqua publicly thanked “employees working around the clock, as well as local residents who are helping conserve water, for everything you are doing to assist us in returning our facility to a completely operational state.”

The company made these suggestions for water conservation:

  • Turn off water when you brush your teeth or shave;
  • Take shorter showers;
  • Run clothes and dish washers only with full loads;
  • Turn off automatic sprinklers used for grass or landscape (at top); and
  • Sign up for at its website Aqua WaterSmart alerts, an automated service designed intended to provide alerts by phone, text, or e-mail about water quality and service in case of disruption.

Photo by Paul Moody via Unsplash, used under license