‘En Plein Air’ Artist Peddles Her Way into Painting

POTTSTOWN PA – Reading area artist and avid bicyclist Victoria Lawrence, who regularly uses her cross-country bike to travel into what she calls “some of the wildest locations” to paint, is the first featured speaker in the Fall 2021 Masters of Art talks sponsored by the Pottstown Area Artists Guild. Her comments can be heard live Sept. 21 (Tuesday) from 7-8:30 p.m. during the guild’s online meeting.

The Zoom-based presentation titled “Cycling Lends a Hue to Plein Air” is free to attend and open to the public. Those interested in hearing Lawrence are asked to register in advance with the guild, here.

Here is Lawrence’s description of her work and her coming presentation:

“As a competitive off road cyclist, I have had the opportunity to discover the hidden wonders of the farthest reaches of our local parks and trails. The ability to jump on my cross-country bike and cover an area larger than anything I could traverse on foot has afforded me the chance to pursue my ultimate love, painting en plein air in some of the wildest locations.”

“Not one for wasting a beautiful day indoors, I thrive on spending as much time in nature as I can afford to. I will throw my bike in my van, along with easel, canvas and supply bag, and head off to one of my spots, where I’ll camp out for the day, riding and painting to my heart’s content!”

“I started riding mountain bike in 2016 as a vehicle to overcome an 11-year cigarette habit. Success! Cycling became my new addiction and before I knew it, I was flung into cross-country racing; something I had never pictured myself doing. By 2017, I was taking the podium at every race I entered. Quickly rising to the top of my class meant I had to train hard year round to stay on top. I would rise before the sun and tackle long rides before work, then do yoga or run in the evening. With a hard focus on this new lifestyle, I noticed that I had not been creating much artwork since kicking my smoking habit. This needed to change.”

“In 2018, I rebalanced my focus to make art an equal priority. By incorporating painting into my bike excursions, my rides felt more purposeful and my art took on an air of adventure and excitement that had been previously lacking. The combination of the clarity I receive through riding along with the meditative gift of creating has brought forth some of the best paintings I’ve ever made, including my award-winning work, ‘Summer Solstice at Rodale’.”

“Join me in this talk, where I’ll offer a tour of my adventure van, share some racing photos, host a show, tell of my plein air kit, and share more of my story!”

Photo of “Elysian Garden” by Victoria Lawrence supplied by the Pottstown Area Artists Guild