Robert Lindgren Resigning from Pottsgrove Board

WEST POTTSGROVE PA – Pottsgrove school board member and chairman Robert Lindgren, who did not run for re-election this year and whose four-year term expires this November, said Tuesday (Sept. 14, 2021) he was resigning his position effective Sept. 24 (Friday). The board’s session, held at West Pottsgrove Elementary School, was the last over which he will preside.

Lindgren has accepted a new job as a civil engineer project manager with Koontz Bryant Johnson Williams, a regional engineering firm with offices across four states and headquartered in Richmond VA. His announcement was delivered, with eyes smiling but his bearded face masked, as his wife sat among members of the audience.

The announcement did not catch other board members unawares; they said they had been told it was coming. All offered compliments and congratulations.

They face an important decision, too, by late October, 30 days after the effective date. District Solicitor Marc Davis reminded the board it must choose a successor to Lindgren’s vacant seat by that deadline or potentially risk having the remainder of the term filled by judicial decree. Davis also added that, because the vacancy’s term expires in little more than two months, he doubted there would be few contenders for it.

Lindgren is no stranger to Virginia, having received his civil engineering degree from Virginia Military Institute. He is a decorated veteran who served on the school board over several terms, some of them temporarily interrupted by military service overseas.

During a 2016 interview to fill a vacant board seat, recorded by The Post and archived on YouTube, Lindgren said he had been asked “by a number of people why I’m considering doing this again. I guess it’s a really simple answer, and that is that I believe in education – profoundly believe in education – and its ability to strengthen not only our community, but also our nation.”

Working on the board has been contentious at times, he acknowledged in comments Tuesday, with occasional differences of opinion. He praised the board, Pottsgrove School District administrators, and the public for their “decency and thoughtfulness for others,” and the ability to remain respectful despite disagreements. “I appreciate the respect,” Lindgren added.

That same respect was evident in the praise his colleagues offered.

Director Tina McIntryre thanked Lindgren for his “service to your community and your country … I’ve learned a lot, and I’m very grateful,” she said. Board Treasurer Patti Grimm appreciated “all the knowledge you’ve given me personally, and always being there for me.” Dr. Charles Nippert characterized Lindgren as a “terrific mentor” who helped him learn “an awful lot I didn’t know about school boards.”

Director Jay Strunk said Lindgren had been “influential in my life,” and called him a man who “cares deeply, thinks deeply … and (is) driven by your values.” Ashley Custer chided Lindgren because he “at times really irritated people” – the board laughed aloud – and then added “but you’ve always been the rock when needed. You’ve always been the go-to guy” when directors sought advice or help. “I think you were a great leader,” she said.

District Superintendent Dr. David Finnerty admitted he and Lindgren had worked together for only a few month’s since Finnerty’s arrival to the job. “We haven’t known each other long, but I feel like we known each other well,” Finnerty said. “One of the things I always knew in calling you was how much you care about Pottsgrove, this community, this district, and that is amazing.”

Screenshot by The Post from video streamed by The PCTV Network