Stahl’s Pottery Festival Returns for Its 14th Annual Fall

Stahl's Pottery Festival Returns for Its 14th Fall

ZIONSVILLE PA – The 14th annual Stahl’s Fall Pottery Festival, featuring displays and sales of contemporary pottery (at top), tours of the historic pottery studios and kilns, demonstrations and craft activities (above), and a variety of foods, is scheduled to be held Oct. 2 (2021; Saturday) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Stahl’s Pottery, 6826 Corning Road, Zionsville.

Stahl's Pottery Festival Returns for Its 14th Fall

The festival highlights the art of Pennsylvania German redware pottery created by Thomas, Isaac, and Russell Stahl. Visitors can tour the clay storage room and the workroom where the potters labored from 1934 to 1956, as well as the beehive wood-fired kiln where pieces were fired. Displays inside the house museum introduce unique pieces of Stahl pottery, as well as family furnishings and traditions.

Booths manned by two dozen talented potters will offer viewings of and the opportunity to buy their creations. A wide variety of pottery can be found. Select a piece of redware thrown in an 18th-century style, or a fancy tile with colorful glaze. Choose a stoneware bowl, vase, or mug to use in your kitchen. Pick a beautifully glazed piece just for decoration. The site brings art and history together, promoters said.

Admission costs $4 per person, with those age 18 and younger admitted free. Parking is also free. All funds raised at the festival are used for preservation and interpretation of the site. For more information, call 484-306-3868 or see the Stahl website here.

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