Cars Burn Friday in King Street, Sanatoga, Fire (Video)

Watch the 1-minute, 27-second video above, or see it at The Posts’ YouTube Channel, here

SANATOGA PA – A stand-alone, two-car garage on King Street between Hause Avenue and North Pleasant View Road in Sanatoga (at top and below) – located behind a home at 367 Hause Ave. – caught fire Friday (Sept. 17, 2021) at about 5:19 p.m. and shortly thereafter was fully involved in flames.

The blaze remains under investigation by Lower Pottsgrove Township Fire Marshal Lew Babel. Its cause, if determined, has not yet been announced. No one appeared to be injured in the incident.

Two vehicles stored inside the garage, which Babel described as a Nissan and a Porsche considered to be of “vintage” age (above), were destroyed.

Two additional vehicles, parked outside the garage on a portion of its driveway (above), also were affected. One, a Honda sports utility vehicle that was close to the flames and heat, received visibly heavy damage. The extent of damage to the remaining vehicle, a four-door Honda sedan furthest from the garage and closest to King, was unknown.

As they raced to the site, firefighters reported a black plume of smoke (above) could be seen billowing into the sky. Upon arrival, they hooked large-diameter hoses to fire hydrants on North Pleasant View, and at Christina Court off Hause, and began extinguishing the garage.

The work was searingly hot, and proved dangerous. At the height of the fire, small explosions could be heard from within the burning building.

Immediately after, two broken metal parts of cars shot northward from the blasts as though launched from cannons. One piece (above at left) landed only feet away from a Sanatoga Fire Company volunteer manning its communications and command truck. A smoldering second piece (at right) ended up closer to the asphalt on the north side of King.

It took about an hour to quell the flames, and thoroughly douse the building and nearby trees and shrubbery with water to eliminate hot spots. The garage itself was charred, with its roof burned away. So too was a wooden door that had been set into its rear masonry wall. Firefighters later broke pieces of the wall away to better reach still-smoking areas.

Behind the garage, heat appeared to have moved outward toward a section of white vinyl fence edging a neighboring property at 348 N. Pleasant View (at left, viewed by Babel). It softened, melted, and folded in on itself like a candy bar left too long in the sun.

During most of the incident Lower Pottsgrove police and fire police from several companies blocked and detoured traffic on Hause between East High Street and Welsh Drive. Traffic on North Pleasant View near King was limited to a single lane.

Firefighters remained on scene until about 7 p.m. Called by Montgomery County emergency dispatchers were fire companies or departments from Sanatoga, Ringing Hill, Pottstown, Limerick, North Coventry, Upper Pottsgrove, New Hanover, and Gilbertsville, as well as Goodwill Ambulance.

Photos and video by The Posts