Got A Spare Hour (or Two?) Schwenksville Seeks Help

SCHWENKSVILLE PA – If there ever was a time when Schwenksville was in dire need of community help, this is the time, borough officials say. They’re hoping volunteers will step up to assist in the continuing effort to both clean up from the mess made three weeks ago by Tropical Storm Ida, but also for fall maintenance activities.

Here’s a quick punch list, contained in the borough newsletter distributed Wednesday (Sept. 15, 2021), of what’s needed where:

  • “Do you have a chainsaw, gas power pruner, bush hog attachment or pressure washer? Individuals with these items who wouldn’t mind devoting a few hours would be greatly appreciated.”
  • “Have (you got) a truck you wouldn’t mind loading with logs and brush and taking to the recycling center” or other disposal points? Those trips “can be timed with a work session so volunteers will do the loading.”
  • “Like to weed and garden? Love to prune? We are looking for individuals to help maintain various garden areas on a seasonal or regular basis.”
  • And if you’re interested only in helping with cleaning, let the borough know that, too. “Any and all donations of time are appreciated,” it noted.

The borough offered its thanks to the many residents have already reached out. “We’re very grateful for those who stepped in on short notice to assist,” the newsletter stated.

If you can tackle any of the items listed above, of if you have time available for work parties being planned for the future, send an e-mail to Schwenksville Parks Chairperson Sarah Knickerbocker at

Photo by Vitalik Radko via Deposit Photos, used under license