Sun Glare A Culprit In Friday Sanatoga Collision

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Facing sun glare so bright it was “almost burning,” in the words of one first responder, a female driver in a black Toyota sedan rear-ended a vehicle in front of hers Friday (Sept. 24, 2021) at about 7:15 a.m. while traveling east on East High Street at South Park Road, Montgomery County emergency dispatchers reported.

A Lower Pottsgrove police officer at the scene, who faced west with his back to the sun as he talked, pointed over his shoulder up the hill toward the U.S. Route 422 interchange only a quarter-mile away. “Everybody headed that way is being blinded by it,” he said of the bright sunshine. The woman simply didn’t see the car ahead of her, he explained.

The driver was visibly shaken by the incident but was not injured, police said. A Goodwill Ambulance emergency medical services staffer was seen talking with and smiling at the woman, successfully calming her. Family members, who arrived in another vehicle shortly after the accident, did the same.

The driver in the second vehicle was said to have been unaffected. The second car could be driven away; the Toyota was sufficiently damaged to need towing.

The collision initially brought traffic in both directions to a temporary standstill (above). Because the Toyota was positioned across and blocked the entrance to South Park Road, where a bridge replacement project is under way, construction crews were kept for a short time from heading to work.

Also, Pottsgrove School District students who live on South Park (above) were picked up by their bus in the center lane of East High, surrounded by fire trucks and police vehicles with lights flashing. Masked students already aboard the bus watched the scene with fascination as it pulled away.

Responding to the incident, in addition to Lower Pottsgrove police and Goodwill, were volunteers and equipment from the Sanatoga and Ringing Hill fire companies and their fire police units.

Photos by The Post