Got A Few Minutes? PennDOT’s Got A Few Questions

HARRISBURG PA – Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, during his tenure in that job from 1978 to 1989, was famous for regularly asking constituents the question, “So, how am I doin’?” The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation wants to know the same thing.

Though Oct. 26, it’s conducting an online survey that hopes to collect feedback on what users, the Commonwealth’s motoring public, think about its construction and maintenance services.

Take the survey here: It’s only 20 questions long.

The agency has plenty on its plate, department Secretary Yassmin Gramian acknowledges. It is tasked with juggling management of the state transportation network, while also planning and executing transportation improvements. The survey, she said, “will help us understand needs, measure public expectations, and identify educational opportunities.”

Some questions focus on how travelers receive PennDOT roadway information. Others ask about how often PennDOT meets or exceeds expectations in construction and maintenance activities (at top). A few seek specifics on experiences with reporting concerns to the department. A couple want to know if, and how, drivers use the state’s 511PA traveler information services.

All survey responses are anonymous unless you choose to provide contact information.

Photo provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation