Audiences Enjoy Historian Wood’s Local Stories

BOYERTOWN PA – Boyertown area historian, author, and teacher Bob Wood (at top) will discuss native corn cultivation and the construction of log structures on two consecutive Sundays, Oct. 3 and 10 (2021) respectively, during informal presentations offered both days from 1-2 p.m. at Studio B, 39A East Philadelphia Ave.

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Dutchman’s corn was native maize that slowly evolved into a cultivated mainstay, Wood explains. His Oct. 3 talk will differentiate it from corn produced by today’s agriculture industry. He’ll describe how it came to be a staple that fed man and beasts alike on local family farms.

Then on Oct. 10 Wood provides information on log structures, and particularly those built from white oak. The logs of those trees were a primary material for houses and other buildings erected during the 18th and 19th centuries, he says. Many log houses still remain, he adds, sometimes to the surprise of their owners.

Wearing masks is recommended by Studio B for those who attend.

Wood’s history talks earlier this month at Studio B covered the processing of linseed oil from flax seeds at oil mills that dotted local creeks. He’s also discussed clover seed mills that threshed seed from English red clover and was used as a fodder crop. Both attracted appreciative audiences.

“We’re delighted to welcome folks who enjoy exploring the history of their communities, and are equally delighted that each week Studio B welcomes new people into the gallery,” Wood says. “Their presence convinces us that information about our programs is being communicated. We’ve learned that if we ‘build it,’ interested people will find us and ‘they will come.’”

Bob Wood photo supplied by Studio B; mill wheel photo by The Posts