ACLAMO Cites Pottstown Superintendent on Heritage Month

RECOGNIZED DURING HERITAGE MONTH – Pottstown Schools Superintendent Stephen Rodriguez was recognized Friday (Oct. 1, 2021) in an article published by the ACLAMO Blog as part of its observance of Hispanic Heritage Month. It quoted the superintendent as saying the month represented “a wonderful time to celebrate the diversity, cultural values, history, and food of all Hispanic peoples. Our traditions and contributions to this country deserve recognition and celebration … I am immediately drawn to the good-natured, talented Hispanic students we have in our school who participate in student life, (and) demonstrate themselves as supporters and leaders.” ACLAMO is a nonprofit community service organization in Montgomery County that provides educational programs, social services, and access to health and wellness programs to Latinos and other community members. Hispanic Heritage Month is being observed from Sept. 15 to October 15.

Photos provided by the Pottstown School District