West Pottsgrove Recycling Earns Park Benches

WEST POTTSGROVE PA – The township could win a new bench for one of its parks if West Pottsgrove residents are willing to temporarily collect stuff they might otherwise – perish the thought! – throw out.

Since September, West Pottsgrove has again begun participating in the Trex Company’s Recycling Challenge. The company wants to educate the public on the value of recycling a variety of plastic items. Despite significant recycling efforts in place across western Montgomery County and elsewhere, too many people still put plastics in with their trash.

West Pottsgrove instead hopes you’ll gather them up in see-though plastic bags and deliver them, either to the Giant Food Store in Upland Square or to the township municipal building during its office hours.

Township residents (and those who live elsewhere, too) are asked to collect items that usually pile up in their homes week after week: plastic film bags from grocery stores, ice sales, food storage, cereal box liners, bread and produce wrappers, and dry cleaning protectors; water softener and wood pellet packaging; bubble wrap, newspaper sleeves, plastic shipping envelopes, and plastic wrapping for case goods.

A picture description of what’s allowable is available here.

Once gathered, weigh the bags of recyclables and bring them to Giant’s collection boxes inside its exit area. Then e-mail the weight amount to township Manager Scott Hutt at wptmanager@comcast.net, who is tracking donations. As an alternative, drop the bags off at the township building lobby, where its staff will do the weighing.

Both Giant and the township win in the challenge. Giant sells the recycled goods to Trex, which uses them to produce its products for construction and other trades. The township, when it successfully collects 500 or more pounds of plastics, wins a park bench from Trex.

West Pottsgrove has already received one bench from an earlier challenge, and Hutt says it’s looking forward to another. As of Friday (Oct. 15, 2021), he noted, West Pottsgrove donors had already accumulated more than 300 pounds of plastics toward the 500-pound goal.

“We appreciate everyone’s efforts towards this program,” Hutt recently wrote on the township website, and their help “to obtain a new bench for one of our beautiful parks!”

Photos by The Posts