New Spotted Lanternfly Management Guide Available

LOWER FREDERICK PA – Everything you need, wanted to know, or were just curious about to rid your portion of Pennsylvania of the damaging and invasive spotted lanternfly has been compiled by Penn State Extension into a newly published “2021 Spotted Lanternfly Management Guide.” Printed copies are currently available from the Lower Frederick Environmental Advisory Council.

If the council is not sufficiently close to you, the free 20-page guide also can be downloaded from the PennState Extension website, here.

The guide was produced and distributed during August, and the council distributed it to anyone interested during last Saturday’s (Oct. 16) township Fall Fest. Council Vice Chair Warren Jacobs said the extension unit had done an “excellent job” of updating and collating all of its spotted lanternfly materials published during the past 12 months into a single, comprehensive booklet.

It’s in full color, and well illustrated with photos, graphics, and diagrams. It also explains the origins of the lanternfly, its ability to feast on and kill certain trees, and describes the variety of means – from passive to aggressive – property owners can try to eliminate the pests.

The Environmental Advisory Council has produced a variety of local presentations intended to help township residents address common environmental concerns. It offers education on the value of storm water management, how to build a rain garden, “How and Why to Cherish Your On-Lot Septic System,” and “Why to Grow Native Plants in Your Back Yard.”

Photo from PennState Extension