North Charlotte Storage Plans Approved 7 Years Later

GEG Investments’ surveyor and engineer Daniel Laudenslayer (at top) as he displayed property maps to the Lower Pottsgrove Planning Commission in January 2019

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – Plans to build a self-storage facility in a former used car lot on the west side of the 1400 block on North Charlotte Street, first proposed in 2014 and significantly revised during the past seven years, won final land development approval Thursday (Oct. 21, 2021) from the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners.

Principals of Gilbertsville-based GEG Investments LLC bought the adjoining properties, located north of Orlando Road and totaling 4.43 acres, in December 2012. The site in coming months will become home to about 200 units available for rent to area residents and others for storage purposes. The company’s latest and final proposal was recommended to commissioners by the township Planning Commission.

GEG representatives thanked the board, and said they were both pleased and relieved by the project’s acceptance.

Over several years, GEG’s proposal faced a variety of hurdles. It was the object of substantial public opposition when first introduced, due in part to the facility’s size and scope. Also at issue were zoning variances and waivers sought for its location in the township Commercial Office Zoning District, where its exteriors were exposed to both commercial businesses on North Charlotte and private homes on Orlando Road.

To overcome objections the number of units was reduced, and other suggested changes also were made.

After it won commissioners’ preliminary land development approval, the project also dealt with storm water management issues, its entrance locations, and street frontage requirements. At one point a representative of Bursich Associates, the township’s former engineering firm, unusually spent several hours with GEG engineer Daniel Laudenslayer to help the company better understand its land use options.

The Planning Commission last met with GEG on Sept. 20 (2021), and agreed to forward its recommendations to the township board. They were conditioned upon the company’s agreement with a series of requests regarding geo-technical recommendations, soil grading and compaction, erosion and settlement, detailed specifications for manholes, and consistency in the presentation of its assembled planning sheets.

Township commissioners were assured Thursday all the remaining conditions had been met. The plans received a 4-0 approval. Commission Michael McGroarty was absent and did not vote.

Photo by The Posts