Final Election Results Face Delay, County Reports

NORRISTOWN PA – Final results of the 2021 general election in Montgomery County “are expected to be delayed,” the county Voter Services Department acknowledged Wednesday (Nov. 3, 2021) but it did not say for how long. The reason: problems with 23,000 ballots that either were misprinted and must be verified, or could not be accurately read by the county’s electronic ballot scanners.

“The county is sequestering returned ballots related to (a) previously announced misprint of mail-in ballots by its printer,” Voter Services reported. They will be “subject to a separate verification process that was approved by the county Board of Elections and shared with both political parties, as well as the Pennsylvania Department of State,” it said.

It also found that “a higher-than-usual number of ballots” could not be read by ballot scanning machines meant to automate the counting process. Voter Services did not mention how many ballots among the 23,000 were affected, or the number of machines with scanning problems.

The department claimed, however, that the problem itself “occurs during every election, as there are various reasons ballots are sometimes unable to be scanned.” The solution, it added, is to follow “an established process for bi-partisan teams to re-create the impacted ballots to make sure every eligible vote is validated and counted.”

“All ballots cast in person have been recorded,” the department affirmed, while “mail-in and provisional ballots are still being processed.” It pledged to “continue to update its results dashboard on a regular basis in the coming days as eligible ballots are validated and counted.”

Photo by The Posts