Stakes on Buchert Road Prompt Popular Inquiry

LOWER POTTSGROVE PA – The question most often asked last week of township Manager Ed Wagner, he reported Thursday (Nov. 4, 2021) to the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners, was “What’s That?”

Stakes on Buchert Road Prompt Popular Inquiry

“That” – pictured at top, with the township municipal building in the background at left across Buchert Road – is the grassy northeast corner of Gerald Richards Park, freshly mowed and covered with dozens of surveyor’s stakes. It is destined to become a new soccer field, one of several of the latest improvements in what is known as the park’s Phase II project.

Phase I, a much needed upgrade to visitor parking at the park’s northwest corner, involved the installation of environmentally friendly pavers and storm water drainage devices. The pavers reduced the amount of impervious surface on which rain could puddle and accumulate. The drainage system helps remove what remains.

Phase II, now under way thanks to local, county, state, and federal grants, will add not only the soccer field but also reconfigure and improve the walking trail around the park perimeter. Better storm water management is part of the package too. Bids were prepared during June, the township met during August with prospective contractors, and in September the board awarded the $528,434 contract to contractor James R. Kenney of Collegeville.

Kenney also was responsible for the Phase I work. The Phase II project is due to be completed before May 2022.

A relatively new development helped make the Phase II project possible, Wagner explained. The federal government determined that facilities like the park, which saw expanded and occasionally heavy use by residents and others during the pandemic, qualified for American Rescue Plan funding awarded to municipalities.

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