New PAED Name Reflects Pottstown Economic Growth, Potential

POTTSTOWN PA – There’s a change of name, and a honed mission focus, for the non-profit organization that has worked for decades to bring new businesses of all types and sizes to Pottstown. In a re-branding that launched Monday (Nov. 8, 2021), Pottstown Area Economic Development Inc. is succeeding Pottstown Area Industrial Development Inc. in the effort to attract new investments to the borough.

Although the organization’s acronym is revised by only one letter – from “PAID” to “PAED,” according to Executive Director Peggy Lee-Clark – it’s anticipated that recognition of its economic development tasks is accompanied by “a renewed sense of energy and focus on Pottstown’s possibilities.” As a result, she added, it also marks “the beginning of a robust outreach initiative.”

PAED said it intends to promote Pottstown by engaging in everything “from strategic planning, a focus on infrastructure, sustainability, innovation, education, and technology, to hospitality and tourism.”

The announcement indicated it wants to continue touting the borough “as an ideal urban center to live, learn, work and visit.” Part of that cheerleading began a few years ago with the “I Pick Pottstown” advertising campaign. It has succeeded in telling Pottstown’s success stories of progress, the organization added, and so remains a prominent theme on its newly redesigned website.

The web presence is expanding, however, by intentionally blending high-demand information offered at the former PAID website that reinforces and extends the group’s help to potential investors. Its services include business site selection, commercial and industrial real estate development, access to resources, and workforce development assistance.

The goal, it added, is “a re-imagining of (Pottstown as) an economic hub in western Montgomery County.” The result, it expects, will “stimulate investment, which helps maintain and enhance the tax base;” retain and create job opportunities, and restore, utilize or remove under-utilized buildings.

PAED’s office is at 152 E. High St. Ste 200. For more information, call Lee-Clark at 610-326-2900 or send an e-mail to her at

Image supplied by Pottstown Area Economic Development Inc.