AccuWeather Marks 50th Year of Its Founding

AccuWeather forecaster Dr. Joe Sobol, at top, broadcasts from a radio booth in the early days of the company

AccuWeather Marks 50th Year of Its Founding
AccuWeather founder and CEO Dr. Joel N. Myers (at right) and widely recognized announcer Elliot Abrams confer at company offices

STATE COLLEGE PA – Fifty years ago this month, as part of the programming on then Wilkes-Barre PA radio station WARM-AM, the AccuWeather brand name and its celebrated weather forecast made their debut to the listening public. Television stations and newspapers began relying on AccuWeather predictions soon after, and today AccuWeather is a staple in the weather prognostication business.

It’s provided weather services to The Posts‘ readers for more than 13 years.

AccuWeather’s origins date back to 1962. That’s when Dr. Joel N. Myers, once dubbed the “most accurate man in weather” by The New York Times, began forecasting for ski resorts and utility companies. His rapidly accomplished goal, according to the company: to provide greater accuracy and much more detail than what was available from free weather reporting sources.

In addition to its 800 radio, 700 newspaper, and more than 100 television clients, as well as digital service users, AccuWeather serves more than 1.5 billion people globally through free apps, its website, the national AccuWeather Network, and its AccuWeather NOW streaming service. It also serves more than half of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as thousands of other businesses and government agencies globally.

Equally important is credit the company has earned with its forecasts for having saved tens of thousands of lives, averting hundreds of thousands of injuries, and preventing hundreds of billions of dollars in property damage.

Photos provided by AccuWeather Inc.